TRX is outperforming the broader crypto market

The cryptocurrency market has been underperforming within the final 24 hours, however Tron has carried out positively throughout that interval. The broader crypto market has underperformed for the second-consecutive day this week. The market has misplaced greater than 3% of its worth within the final 24 hours, and the entire cryptocurrency market cap stands beneath … Read more

Will Terra’s UST and LUNA Crash Cause a Shift to ‘Cryptos that have Stood the Test of Time’?

LUNA has left crypto enthusiasts’ mouths agape because they could never imagine in their wildest dreams that one of the top ten cryptocurrencies could collapse to near-zero overnight. LUNA and TerraUSD (UST) are the native tokens of the Terra blockchain network developed by South Korean fintech firm Terraform Labs. LUNA sent shockwaves to the crypto market … Read more

Crypto Proves Resilient as Global Uncertainty Surrounds. A Look at the Worst-Performing Coins Under $1

World markets, including the crypto market, are rife with crazy uncertainties. Despite Bitcoin’s technically falling, it is not in a downward spiral like some other traditional assets, as strong fundamentals are backing it up, rather than traditional assets. Over the past seven days, Bitcoin has still gained 6.4%. Most notable is the fact that BTC … Read more

Crypto Whales Taking Wait-and-See Approach

Based on hiked interest rates and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, crypto whales have shown signs of caution, given that their transaction volumes have been dwindling. On-chain insight provider Santiment explained: “Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Tether have seen plummeting whale transactions, the lowest amount of combined $100k+ valued transactions in a year. This isn’t necessarily bearish, … Read more

This Year’s Top 6 Utility Tokens to Watch

The “cryptocurrency” term is usually referred to as a digital payment instrument. In a technical sense,  not all crypto assets can be considered currencies. In fact, blockchain-based assets fall into two main categories: coins and tokens.   Coins are what we mean by cryptocurrencies in general, i.e. they are used for payment settlements. Tokens have … Read more