Successful Beta Service launch of SOMESING, ‘My Hand-Carry Studio Karaoke App’

Jan 14, 2022 17:05&nbspUTC | Updated: Jan 14, 2022 at 17:06&nbspUTC By&nbspRaghav Sawhney Cryptocurrencies are causing quite a stir in the financial world, as well as in numerous trading processes. People are becoming more interested in crypto as word spreads, and the fear of losing out is motivating them to enter the market, whether by … Read more

First Cryptocurrency ATM Reportedly Put In Uruguay

The ostensible 1st cryptocurrency ATM machine has been put in in Uruguay, developed as a joint initiative between Urubit and Inbierto, 2 national crypto firms. This represents a milestone for the country that, consistent with estimates, has between 40K and 50K cryptocurrency users, whose primary avenue for getting crypto depends on peer-to-peer markets. Uruguay Enters … Read more

North Korean Hackers scarf $400 Million in Cryptocurrency Last Year — Ether Accounts for 58% of taken Funds

North Korean hackers scarfed cryptocurrency prices of $400 million last year in a minimum of seven major attacks on crypto platforms. “Only 20% of the funds taken were bitcoin … And for the primary time ever, ether accounted for a majority of the funds taken at 58%,” same blockchain knowledge analytics firm Chainalysis. North Korean … Read more

Successful Beta Service launch of SOMESING, ‘My Hand-Carry Studio Karaoke App’

Jan 18, 2022 11:39&nbspUTC | Updated: Jan 18, 2022 at 11:43&nbspUTC By&nbspClark Singapore’s Central Bank has issued tips to discourage cryptocurrency commercialism by the overall public. The financial institution stressed that “the commercialism of cryptocurrencies is extremely risky and not appropriate for the general public.” Singapore’s Central Bank Discouraging Crypto Trading by the General Public … Read more