Latest Version of CCXX on GitHub

The latest version of Counos X (CCXX) is up and ready on the popular software development and programming website, GitHub. This new version contains a lot of changes and improvements. So, it is recommended that all previous versions be updated to the latest version. As mentioned above, the latest version of CCXX has … Read more

Blockchain as a Control Mechanism

To better cover the issue of “Information Security in blockchain”, it is worth looking at the blockchain technology not only as a technology that includes and uses control mechanisms of information security, but also as a tool to complex and very effective IB control mechanisms. According to the classification of control mechanisms, control … Read more

Blockchain and Other Innovative Technologies

At present, we are looking at blockchain technology rather as a tool that seems to have potential to improve some current solutions, but it is not necessary. meaning we can solve everything well enough too without a blockchain, as we are used to doing so with traditional solutions relying on central authority. We believe … Read more

Blockchain’s Threats and Vulnerabilities –

Of course, the blockchain technology itself and the distributed applications using it are also information assets associated with certain threats and vulnerabilities. To decide on the use of blockchain technology in solving a specific problem or by preferring or leaving a traditional solution, it is necessary to include the results of the analysis of … Read more