LATAM: Low Interoperability Highlights Crypto’s Big Potential

Across Latin America, a fragmented payments landscape has resulted in low interoperability, often leading to high fees for both senders and receivers of payments. Regulators in the region are working — with varying progress and approaches — to enable real-time payment options that foster greater interoperability, increase financial inclusion, generate revenue for banks and businesses … Read more

For the Love of NFTs: VSA Partners and Rare Air Media Bring Jordan NFTs to the XRPL

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are creating tremendous opportunities for creators and collectors of art, memorabilia, and other digital assets. Since the initial launch of Ripple’s Creator Fund, we have seen incredible momentum and exciting NFT use cases come to life on the XRP Ledger (XRPL). Creators like Justin Bua, xPunks, and Sebring Revolution continue to … Read more

CBDCs: From the “Hype” to the “How” of Making Financial Inclusion a Reality – Part 2

In our recent survey of over 1,600 financial leaders across 22 countries, we uncovered some pretty astounding insights: A whopping 85% of payment leaders at financial institutions globally think their country will launch a digital currency in the next four years.  If these last two years in a pandemic have taught us anything, it’s that … Read more

CBDCs: From the “Hype” to the “How” of Making Financial Inclusion a Reality – Part 1

We recently surveyed over 1,600 financial leaders across 22 countries and discovered that 37% of senior financial institution executives around the globe consider both “financial inclusion” and “greater access to credit” as the largest potential breakthroughs for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). This echoes the stated goals of many countries and central banks that are … Read more

The Next Evolution of Crypto for Business

It’s March Madness. Three weeks, 136 teams, and two college basketball championships. While there is no shortage of talent and promise on the court, it’s often the proven programs with the most experienced, seasoned coaches and practiced players that are the odds-on favorites. The same is true in crypto. There is a lot of hype … Read more