How Businesses Can Meet Rising Consumer Demand for Crypto

To borrow a line from the film Spinal Tap, the volume on crypto has been turned up to eleven.  The financial industry continues its march towards crypto with Worldpay’s recent announcement that it will expand merchant adoption of cryptocurrency with “pay by crypto” options. Binance also just revealed plans for a new payments processor enabling … Read more

The Ripple Drop: Growing Crypto Liquidity, Banner Year for RippleNet and Ripple Liquidity Hub

In this edition of The Ripple Drop, we take a deep dive into liquidity. RippleNet General Manager Asheesh Birla joins us to explain how crypto liquidity works, why it’s important, and the roles On-Demand Liquidity and Ripple Liquidity Hub will play in driving its growth.  Rising Crypto Liquidity  Asheesh tracks the growth in crypto liquidity … Read more

Why Policy Regulation for Crypto in Korea is Key

Digital Assets in Korea: A Policy Approach to Smart Regulation The emergence of blockchain technology and digital assets is transforming the global financial landscape into a more accessible, transparent, fair and efficient system. This transformation has resulted in the development of new use cases and the opening up of new markets, providing innovative pathways for … Read more

An Inside Look at New Value: Crypto Trends in Business and Beyond

The blockchain industry saw some big changes last year, brought on by a maturing crypto landscape and the development of innovative new technologies. Ripple set out to better understand and further analyze this rapid evolution through both primary and secondary research.  Our work included surveying more than 2,000 global financial institutions, business, individuals and developers … Read more