AstroSwap Launched Today – Will ASTRO Do Another 200x?

AstroSwap, an interoperable and superbly designed DEX just launched today, January 28, 2022. In a press release on January 20, the highly anticipated activation precedes a period of unprecedented performance of its native currency, ASTRO. ASTRO Roared 210X in Early November 2021 According to trackers, ASTRO has been defying gravity since listing, outperforming BTC and … Read more


RippleX is dedicated to supporting the XRP Ledger (XRPL) community and creating tools, services and programs that help developers and entrepreneurs build on the ledger. Part of this effort is ensuring that the journey to build on the XRPL is as streamlined and straightforward as possible. After careful consideration and deliberation, we’ve decided to sunset … Read more

Litecoin Network Usage Rises Showing Correlation with Price for first time since 2017.

Understanding and accurately valuing Litecoin is hard, being able to weigh up real market demand and usage that isn’t just speculative is far from easy, which is why it can be useful at times to fundamentally look into the network and filter out the noise. Previously I’ve touched upon the amount of transactions being sent … Read more

Google Cloud ramps up blockchain efforts by launching digital assets team

Blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralized technology are all fascinating topics that have been heating up for almost a decade. Nowadays, everyone wants to be part of cutting-edge innovations. A Thursday announcement by Yolande Piazza, Google Cloud’s VP Financial Services, said the firm has established a Google Cloud digital assets team that will assist clients in creating, trading, … Read more